Why Join?

The key benefit of joining PSARC is to meet and to bond with other people who have the same interests and have a good time exchanging information and experiences relating to amateur radio. And, not only amateur radio, but also meet others who might have similar interests in other related and non related interests or activities.

There are other benefits, such as the website, repeater systems and public service events that round out the offerings for members.

Keep in mind that the greatest benefit of joining the Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club is a regular and ready mutual access to experienced technical information, references and learning experiences. The more you pursue and interact, the more you get out of your membership.  And that translates to a chance to nurture and grow your knowledge and radio horizon — whether it’s amateur, commercial or personal.

Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club Membership Form and Dues

Club Financial Requirements

The PSARC receives all of its financial support from the amateur radio community through the collection of membership dues and donations.  The ability of the PSARC to service it’s normal operating expenses and to also develop and promote amateur radio in the community is directly proportional to the financial support it receives from individual amateur radio members like yourself.

The PSARC not only works to promote amateur radio in the community with events like Field Day  but also provides actual technology such as analog repeater systems and links like IRLP, Echolink and Allstar to its membership and other amateurs of the local community.  The ability of the PSARC to make available these technology services on a regular basis is again also directly proportional to the financial support it receives from amateur radio operators like yourself.  The grand result of  growth is a much more enjoyable endeavor for us and a powerful resource that is available for our community leaders to use in the time of communications need.

So if you’re not already a PSARC member please consider becoming one and help support amateur radio.  Remember the success and power of amateur radio is truly in your hands and nobody else!

Joining the Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club is easy.

Simply download our membership form, which is in PDF format. After you have printed it out, and filled it in bring it with you in person to the next meeting! Membership fees can be found on the form. Memberships run from January to December. Renewals are due in January
Membership Form