Getting into Amateur Radio

My Experience on getting my Amateur Radio Call Written By  VA3PMJ
After getting in to contact with the local Accredited Examiner Frank VA3FSD. His best advise was to go on to the Industry Canada Web site and use the Practice Test Exam Generator and keep on doing it. I did however purchase the Coax Publications Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide and studied with that as well.

When I felt I was ready to take the test I Called up VA3FSD (Frank) and went over to his house to take the test. 1st thing he needed was a piece of Government ID so he knew who I was. He printed up the test and I sat down to write it, 100 multiple choice questions. It took a few hours, When I was done he went over my test with me and also gave some pointers on what I got wrong and explained why. We then had to pick out my call sign and file with Industry Canada. with in a few hours I was listed on there site and was on the air.

I did not pass 100% but I did get 80% and that got me Basic with honors. That entitled me to use all bands I do still have restriction but that’s ok, time to study for my Advance. I will leave Links below for anyone who is interested in taking the test.

Getting into Amateur Radio is not an expensive hobby you can get on the local repeaters with an inexpensive HT (handy talky), even getting on HF you wont need much if you shop around and get a older transceiver around the $300 to $500 range and build a simple wire dipole antenna with the knowledge from the study guide. That is my experience on getting into the Amateur Radio hobby I did grow up with it in my life not to sure why I waited so long to become a Amateur Radio Operator.
73’s Pat VA3PMJ

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