Baker Henry Award

The Baker-Henry Award was established by The Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club in 1994 as a memorial to Harry Crump Sr., VE3BH, who passed away in 1993. Nominations are submitted to the Executive and the Award is presented to the Ham of the Year as selected by the Executive based on the nominations received.

Past recipients of the Baker Henry Award
1993- Ed Munks (SK, VE3MEH)
1994- Bill Mosley, VE3BQK
Ron Wood, VE3AIE
1995- Al Doubrough, VE3GBY
1996- Larry Connelly, VE3LWC
1997- Bob Morley (SK, VE3MYR)
Frank Deluca, VA3FSD
1998- Ron Bocox, VE3BXY
1999- Tom Dowswell, VE3DED
2000- Ethel Pim, VE3EFE
2001- Bryan Pim, VE3PMI