PSARC 2019 Hamfest
Saturday August 10 2019
Nobel Ontario
148 Hammel Rd P2A 2W9
McDougall Recreation Center

Talk in on Club Repeater VE3RPL 2 METER VHF 145.490MHz (-600Khz) PL tone 156.7Hz

General Admission **Free**

Vendor Costing Info
Indoor 1st Table $10 2nd and more $5 Each. Supply your own table(s) $7

Outdoor 1st Table $7 2nd and more $5 Each. Supply your own Table(s) $5 Flat rate

*** Open to Vendors 7am ***
*** Open to Public 9am ***
****Free Coffee Till its Gone****

To Pre order Tables Use the Contact Us Page

PSARC will be Net Controller for The Ontario Amateur Radio Service Net.

3.755 MHz LSB Operation as VE3PSH (Vector Echo 3 Papa Sierra Hotel)

VE3HRJ Jack Hepworth will have a DMR Hotspot on Display.

The Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club will have an accredited examiner on site for individuals who wish to write the Amateur Radio Test. If you wish to do so we need you to contact us at least a week before the event.

Confirmed Venders

RAC Allan Boyd VE3AJB

Netty Elecronics

Innovative Circuits

I would like to thank our sponsors for the great prizes we will be offering at the Hamfest

Ailunce HD1 DMR


1, FPP: Almost all the operations can be programmed by its keypad.

2, Profession Ham radio: The idea comes from the amateurs

3, 32 radio IDs: Give you more choices.

4, IP67 water-proof and dust-proof: Using outdoor more convenient

5, Continuous Upgrade on CPS & Firmware: You can download the latest CPS and firmware on our Resources page

6, HD1 new firmware, it can support 200,000 contacts

Main Features:

1, Dual Band: VHF(136-174Mhz) and UHF(400-480Mhz)

2, VFO mode: Two VFO channels.

3, Operate keypad when receiving signals.

4, Support 200000 Database contacts and 1000 Priority contacts

5, Quick switch: Digital and Analog mode, Channel and Frequency mode.

6, FM Broadcast: 32 FM Channels.


8, GPS(Optional)

Wouxun KG-UV66 Dual Band Handheld Transceiver.

Click Photo for information.

The N3FJP Software Package without CD includes full registration of all N3FJP’s amateur radio software, but does not include a CD. Simply download the software programs from the website as needed. This option also includes free registration of any additional amateur radio software that I add to the package, as well as free upgrades to existing programs. There are no annual / maintenance costs of any kind.

Weller WP35

Ideal for a wide variety of electronic tasks, the Weller WP35 35-watt professional soldering iron uses ST series long life double-coated, iron-plated tips, and it comes with an ST3 tip. It features a quick-change knurled collar, stainless steel barrel, cushion grip handle, plug-in heating element, and 6-foot three-wire cord. THis 35-watt, 120-volt soldering iron produces up to 850 degrees F of heat.

Downloadable Copy of Ham Radio Deluxe

Ham Radio Deluxe is the World’s Most Popular Ham Radio Software. Radio Amateur’s Best Asset, Rig and Rotor Control, Logging, Digital Modes, and Satellite.


The BTECH AMP-V25 amplifier is a portable, lightweight, wide coverage RF power amplifier for handheld radio equipment and is equally capable of amplifying analog .

Pair with the UT-72 Antenna for easy installation to your vehicle, or connect to another VHF base, mobile, or field antenna.

Whistler WS1010 Handheld Scanner

The Whistler WS1010 is an affordable scanner with innovative features. Frequency coverage is: 29-54, 108-137, 137-174 and 380-512 MHz. 200 memories and five pre-programmed bands (Marine, Fire/Police, Air, Amateur and Weather). There is also a built-in priority channel. The weather alert capability features SAME receiving with 10 FIPS area memories plus there is a Skywarn function. There is a lock-out review key to confirm lock frequencies. There is a key lock for safety and the LCD is backlit. You can turn on the display’s back light for easy nighttime viewing.

DV Raspberry PI Single band Radio hotspot DVMEGA RPI Single band radio is a radio module that fits without a modem or node adapter directly on the Raspberry PI. The combination RPI and RPI DVMEGA radio is a complete D-Star, DMR and C4FM(Fusion) compatible hotspot with an output power of 10mW. The DVMEGA RPI radio comes with firmware and is ready for use. There is one radio available, it is configured to operate in the UHF band.

– Fits on Raspberry PI version A and B
– Single band UHF radio
– 10 mW output power
– SMA antenna connector
– Complete assembled
– Ready to use, firmware is pre-loaded

The XG3 is a miniature RF signal source that provides output from 1.5 MHz through 1400 MHz. Four commonly used selectable output levels are calibrated from 1.5 through 200MHz.

The XG3 may be operated from its internal battery or from an external 11-14VDC source. It is housed in a protective enclosure with easy-to-use front panel switches and LED indicators.

Since the XG3 is small and portable it’s ideal for quickly checking the performance of equipment in the field as well as at the home station.

Once again Tigertronics sets the pace in digital operating! The new SignaLinkTM USB sound card – radio interface combines the legendary performance of our SL-1+ with a state of the art built-in low-noise USB Sound Card. This ground breaking innovation delivers optimum performance while eliminating the need to attach to your computer’s existing sound card. Convenient front panel controls and simplified installation make this one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market, continuing to show that the Tigertronics SignaLink is truly the “Ultimate sound card interface”!

Photos from the 2018 Hamfest