2018 Field Day

This year we ran a 2D Station at VE3GBY and VE3IDI’s Qth. Fun was had by all operators. The Main Station was using a Flex and Beam the Second Station we used a combanation. Started with a Kenwood TS-570 and ICom IC-7000 tryed FT8 a bit found not a lot of Stations giving proper information. So we bounced back and forth from voice to digial, the main antenna for that was a skyloop that gave us some problems on tuning up.
I would like to thank Al and Idi for hosting it and that Brisket was amazing.

Now that field day is over the next big thing is our Hamfest and that is going to be big.

Lots of stuff to see and buy check back before Augest 11th and we should have a little teaser on whats to come for our hamfest. Don’t forget we have ICom coming so look forward to see whats new from them. Also we will have Lots of Draws that day aswell thanks to our sponsors.